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Mist/Haze Photoshop Tutorial

  Here’s a quick Photoshop tutorial showing you how to enhance haze or fog in your photographs.  Fog is great for adding depth to your photographs. Start with a photograph well suited for fog.  This shot, taken in The Grand Teton... Read The Rest →

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Photoshop Layers Tutorial (Part I)

Today I’m going to be looking at what I consider to be the foundation of Photoshop; Layers.  Understanding layers is an essential skill as a photographer.  It will not only help you with your editing process, but it’ll also influence your... Read The Rest →

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Vignette Effect

Here’s a few simple steps to create an interesting vignette effect on your photograph. Video:     Steps: 1. Activate the Brush Tool: This can be done in the side tool bar or by simply pressing ‘B’ on the keyboard. 2.... Read The Rest →

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